| Brockley Hill
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About This Project

Brockley Hill

A chalanging design project with very restrictive perimeters due to a protected area of historic interest along with a number of Tree Protection Orders. This meant that the gradients for the main drive down to the proposed house was very tight as they needed to meet the proposed levels of the new house in a small area. The house had to be set below the existing ground level so as to reduce it’s visual impact.

The presence of overgrown vegetation, trees, existing old walls and structures throughout the site meant that some existing and proposed photomontage view points were very challenging indeed. VectorWorks 3d modelling and camera position points plotted in at the time the topographical survey were essential and site photos taken using a 50mm lens and using Landscape Institute guidelines meant that the photos and the 3d model ‘camera views’ tied in reasonably well and therefore led to the creation of accurate and successful photomontages.


Colvin and Moggridge


Brockley Hill - New House and Gardens


Brockley Hill - Stanmore, London

Garden Design, Photomontage